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Our little bakeshop opened in 2009 but was forged a couple of decades earlier in the fires of a pizza oven on Saturna Island, British Columbia. We are, wholeheartedly, a family owned and operated business. 


We started out with a focus on bread and pastry, but over the years have expanded to make a wide variety of goods (all from scratch, on site) including soups, take-home meals, salads, savoury and sweet pies, custom butter-cream cakes, fruit tarts, cookies, squares, quiche, pizza, gluten-free treats, plus our neighbourhood famous breakfast sandwiches.

We make our goods by hand, from scratch and in plain sight, and are committed to the use of local and organic ingredients wherever  possible. No mixes or preservatives, just like grandma would do it. We are passionate about small scale food systems, and a reduction of food waste at a commercial level -- so we run our business with these things fervently in mind. We are a member of 'Danforth Reduces', and love it when people bring their own totes or flasks. Welcome to our little shop!


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