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FRIENDS! It's Rosh Hashanah this week, and we've already got an almost full house of orders (especially on Friday). SOOOOoooo if you need a crown challah, let us know ASAP :)

Challah Options:

Crown Sesame ($13)

Crown Raisin ($13)

Regular Braided Sesame ($6)

Regular Braided Raisin ($6)

Mini Raisin ($4)

Mini Sesame ($4)

Send an email to pre order

(or click the 'order now' button, above)

Soups this week (so far):

- Roasted Cauliflower

- Thai Sweet Potato

- Veg Mulligatawny

- Chili (contains beef & pork)

All the usual meals are stocked! We've got a fresh batch of chicken pot pie! We're making PUMPKIN pie this weekend! We can also do BLUEBERRY or APPLE PIE (on preorder), and we're continuing to make a RIDICULOUSLY good pumpkin cake w cream cheese icing (by the slice).

Woot woot!

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