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Dear Dough friends,

It's been a while since I've written. Thank you for your ongoing patronage! We wouldn't have, couldn't have, made it through these past almost-three-years-feeling-more-like-100 years, without your support. It's been quite the roller coaster. For you too, I'm sure. Why is everything hard now?

I am very happy to say that starting THIS TUESDAY NOVEMBER 22nd, we will once again be OPEN ON TUESDAY -- just in time for the HOLIDAY SEASON. Yes, I'm shouting. We haven't done 6 days/week since March 2020 (well, actually since 2013, because before 2020 we were 7 days/week which we will never do again. Just keepin' it real), so there will for sure be some kinks to iron out. At the moment, we have the team and support to handle this shift, and will do what we can to make it last into the New Year!

Initially, in order to make this work, we won't be baking bread, BUT we will have pastry, coffee, plenty of sweet things, definitely breakfast sandwiches, and hopefully all our other sandwiches too!

One other recent change that I'll mention again is that we are only open until 4pm on Sundays. Winter is real.

WOOT WOOT! Thanks for reading. Here's to being healthy and cozy, and being present for all that the holiday season brings, and visiting us on Tuesday!


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