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Updated: Dec 28, 2020

--- Scroll for menus & instructions on how to place an order ---

Holiday menu 2020
Download PDF • 4.73MB

* Tourtiere and Turkey dinners come frozen

to bake in the oven at home.


We are accepting walk-in's, 1-2 at a time inside the shop.

You do not need to preorder, but you do if you need curbside pickup,

or if there is a specific item you are hoping to get.

  1. Browse menu above and below. Orders must be received by 3pm, day before pickup.*

  2. If you are ordering bread, please indicate whether you'd like it sliced.

  3. EMAIL order to: (or click 'order now' above)

  4. Include your full name & phone number.

  5. Include your preferred date of pickup.

  6. Let us know if you need contactless pickup.

  7. Await confirmation of your order.*

*You will receive an automatic response as well as a confirmation email. *Please note that the automatic response does not constitute confirmation. *Cupcakes, cakes, and some full size desserts can require 3-4 days notice.


VG - Vegetarian (contains dairy) V - Vegan (no dairy, no meat) GF - Gluten-Free DF - Dairy Free

SOUP this week

2-4 servings • 1L Jar • $13-$15

  • sweet potato & apple (VG)

  • cream of tomato basil (VG)

(Soup supply changes regularly depending on quantities, and what's next on the stove. If you're heart is set on soup, you may have to adjust to what's available the day of your order.) FROZEN Take-Home Meals Large (serves 3 or so, $16-$24) • Small (single serving, $10-$13)

*We try to keep all meals in stock. Let us know if you are OK with substitutions.

  • Veggie Curry (Vegan friendly) V / GF

  • Golden Veggie Shepherds Pie VG / GF

  • Gourmet Nut Burgers (4 in a pack) VG

  • Eggplant Parmesan VG

  • Mac & Cheese VG

  • Veggie Lasagna VG

  • Curry Veggie Turnovers (3 in a pack) VG out of stock

  • Coconut Chicken Curry GF / DF

  • Chicken Meatballs in Tomato Sauce out of stock

  • Chicken Stew

  • Chicken Tenders (big time kid friendly, 6-9 pieces)

  • Chicken Divan (creamy chicken and broccoli casserole)

  • Cheesy Beef Lasagna

  • Italian Shepherds Pie (classic shepherds pie)

  • Mac & Cheese with Bacon

  • Tuna Noodle Casserole

  • Chicken pot pie (8" pie 4-6 servings, $30) out of stock

  • Boeuf Bourguignon Pie (8" pie 4-6 servings or so, $35)

  • Tourtiere (8" pie 4-6 servings or so, $35)

  • Curry Beef Turnovers (3 in a pack, $10.95)

  • Sausage Roll (3 in a pack, $10.95)

  • TURKEY DINNER (serves 1 large dinner plate portion, or 2 small, $25.00)


  • OG Sourdough VG

  • Red Fife Whole wheat Sourdough VG

  • Olive Rosemary Sourdough VG

  • Rustic Walnut VG

  • Baguette VG

  • French loaf VG

  • Rustic White

  • Challah (Please order by noon Thursday for Friday pickups)

  • Raisin Challah (Friday's only)

  • Challah Burger Buns / Brioche Buns *pre-order recommended

  • Challah Sausage Buns *pre-order only

  • Calabrese loaf VG

  • Multigrain (7 grain) VG

  • 100% Whole Wheat (Brown Bran) VG

  • Light Rye VG

  • Caraway Rye VG

  • Dark Rye VG

  • Spelt (WEDNESDAY & SATURDAY bake) VG / Wheat Free

  • Gluten Free Sesame Loaf, with rice and soy flour (SATURDAY bake only) GF / V

Sweets & Pastry *minimum of 6 pastry per preorder (excluding quiche) *please order a day before, if possible Croissant & Breakfast Pastries

  • Quiche -- Lorraine or Veggie -- individual or full size (full serves 4-6)

  • Scones - cheddar or daily fruit (6 minimum)

  • Cinnamon Bun Box (6 minimum order, made on weekends)

  • Brunch Box (6 assorted pastry in a box)

  • Cookie Box (6 or 12 assorted cookies, bakers choice)

  • Butter Croissant

  • Pain au Chocolat

  • Almond Croissant

  • Cheddar Croissant

  • Cheese Danish (New York style sweet danish)

  • Kouign Amann (sweet croissant on steroids)

  • Flying Saucer (flatter, crispier, cinnamon sugar swirl)

  • Pop Tarts (homemade pie crust and fruit preserves)

Squares & Bars & Tarts

  • Butter Tarts (classic, real pie crust, bite size, no raisins)

  • Hello Dolly Bars (gooey coconut, butterscotch & chocolate, graham crust , no egg)

  • Pecan Squares (pecan pie in a square)

  • Lemon Squares (sweet gooey lemon bar with shortbread crust)

  • Carrot Cakelette (carrot cake cupcake)

  • Brownies (a classic. say no more)

  • Date Squares (eggless, but has everything else)

  • Nanaimo Bars (your dad's fave)

  • Jimmy Bars (peanut butter chocolate melty bar. contains wheat & dairy)

  • GF Flourless Chocolate Cakelette (dense chocolate torte, brownie-like bites)

COOKIES *available in boxes/bags of 6 or more

  • chocolate chip

  • oatmeal walnut chocolate chip

  • oatmeal raisin

  • ginger molasses

  • GF Chocolate Chip Cookies available by order (minimum order of 6)

  • V Thumbprint Cookies (vegan, wheat free, made with spelt flour)

Full Size Desserts small pies $10-$12, full size pies $20-$25




  • Key Lime Pie (small or full size)

  • Banana Cream Pie (small or full size) *allow 48 hours notice

  • Coconut Cream Pie (small or full size) *allow 48 hours notice

  • Lemon Meringue Pie (small or full size) *allow 48 hours notice

  • Gateau Basque (small or full size) *allow 48 hours notice

  • Almond Fruit Tart (full size only)

  • Flourless Chocolate Cake (full size or cakelette) GF

  • Carrot Cake (full size or cakelette)

  • Buttercream Layer Cakes *allow 3-4 days notice (see cake page for info)

  • Cupcakes - minimum of 6 (of 1 flavour) *allow 3-4 days notice

**Pre-order is recommended for all full size desserts as we don't always have everything in stock. Please allow at least 48 hours notice for your order. As we are still operating with less staff than normal, we can't guarantee you'll get your first pick. BIRTHDAY CAKES and CUPCAKES* Our cakes are made with 100% buttercream or cream cheese icing. Size and decoration options are limited right now, and all cake orders (carrot being the only exception) require AT LEAST 48 HOURS NOTICE (sometimes more). Please see our cake page for available flavours. Requests for custom/specific decoration requires a consultation, and 1 week notice. Unless custom is requested, the final look of your cake is up to us :)

*Cupcakes are a minimum of 6 (of one flavour) per preorder. *Please give us as much notice as possible, or we may not be able to accept your order. HOUSE-MADE GROCERY

  • Quiche (full size or individual) - Lorraine or Veggie ($20 full size, 8.95 small)

  • Pizza Dough (vegan, dairy free, egg free)

  • Granola (contains honey)


  • Montreal Style Bagels, Bagel House (bags of 6) sesame, everything, poppyseed

  • Murray's Farm Heritage Eggs

  • Murray's Farm Relish and Pickles

  • Farmers Pantry Pesto - basil, arugula, chili

  • Farmers Pantry Cream Cheese - traditional, basil pesto, boursin, fig & chèvre

  • Farmers Pantry Hummus - original, truffle, beet

  • Farmers Pantry Dips - crab asiago, smoked cheddar, healthy spinach, baba ganoush

  • Farmers Pantry Pate - butter chicken pate

  • I Deal Coffee - Prince of Darkness (ground or beans)

  • I Deal Coffee - Damn Fine Decaf (beans)

  • Moss Berry Farm Jam (assorted, please ask for flavours)

  • Sloane Tea Loose Leaf Tins - Earl Grey, Heavenly Cream, Signature Black, Moroccan Mint, Celebration Medley.

  • Catherine's preserves and jellies

  • Churn / Sterling Butter

Breakfast Sandwiches We are still making our de-lish breakfast sandwiches! Please order at pickup or via phone at the time of your visit to the shop :) (Not as part of a bigger preorder)

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